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Cindy Angelic Caregivers

We use only professional nannies who have met our most stringent requirements for all of our clients’ babysitting needs. The philosophy behind this is simple; our fully qualified professional nannies make the BEST temporary coverage for our clients and their families.

Our babysitters are qualified to handle children of all ages from infants to elderly.

Whether it’s for an evening out of town, for a wedding, last minute emergency, or other special occasion; Sporadic monthly needs or a spontaneous weekend getaway, our clients have the tremendous advantage of using a professional caregiver. 


All of our caregivers must go through extensive background checks.

Special needs caregiver

Nannies for special needs children possess additional experience and/or training to work with children with challenges such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome and other special needs. We work with each family to determine the best specialized skills a nanny must possess to care for their child.



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